【明報周刊】流動的性別:不是他/她而是They 音樂人陳韞的曖昧眼影 by Vincy Chan




Amnesty International: Valentine's Day for 5 LGBTI Activists in Asia by Vincy Chan


I try the best I can to talk about gender issues, if not specifically trans issues, when I am promoting my music. It’s definitely a difficult conversation to begin with as people don’t think there’s a problem.

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【RTHK The Works】Vincy & the Prototyke Lab by Vincy Chan

Keyboardist and singer-songwriter Vincy Chan is a non-binary trans musician, artist, and activist whose studies include jazz vocals and Ghanaian drumming. It’s no surprise then that Vincy is interested in crossing boundaries in music. They’ve also taken part in a Freespace Mixtape that includes songs about displacement and the rights of sex workers.