social justice


community work

A passionate defender of human rights, Vincy seeks to shape the conversation social justice locally and internationally. Vincy founded The Gamut Project, hoping to foster a supportive and safe(r) environment for the local queer and trans community through organising gatherings and workshops.

They were previously the co-coordinator of Amnesty International Hong Kong’s LGBTI group.

public education and consulting

Public education is crucial in dismantling systems of inequality. Vincy has spoken at local universities (TEDxHKU, Chinese University of Hong Kong), corporations (IBM Hong Kong, Nokia) and conferences on the state of SOGIESC rights in Hong Kong, trans experiences and sexual violence.

available lectures/ keynotes

  • “Beyond the Binary” - A survey of trans, non-binary and cultural identities, and concrete actions cisgender people can take to be better allies to the trans community.

  • “Own Your Stories” - How do trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals utilise social media to reclaim their narratives and to build community?

Not listed here? Email chanvincymusic [at] gmail [dot] com with your ideas and let’s make it happen.

Click here for a complete list of Vincy’s public speaking appearances and testimonials.

Vincy managed to tie trans/non-binary concepts to their own story, while also integrating examples from other people who represent the diversity of the narratives within the LGBT+ community. This was a powerful way to have colleagues relate to it, and understand what they can do in their everyday life to be better allies to trans folks. We’re looking forward to the next session we can set up with Vincy!
— Jérôme Meyer, co-president of Nokia EQUAL